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Caen Community Primary PE Funding

Our Aims

Physical Education (PE) at Caen Community Primary School promotes teamwork, imagination and personal health and fitness in a fun, encouraging environment.


We believe that Physical Education and Sport have a vital role to play in the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of children. Physical Education and Sport are important in giving children knowledge, understanding, and the tools to make a positive impact on their own health and well-being as well as helping to develop key social skills and foster a sense of pride in themsleves and the teams they represent.


We believe that all children should experience high quality Physical Education, school sport, and physical activity that will lead to lifelong participation. Daily physical activity is embedded at Caen and it starts before the school day with Miss Fogarty and her daily 'Wake Up, Shake Up' on the playground (or hall if wet) for all children and adults.


We take competitive sport seriously at Caen and our children have enjoyed many successes (please see the 'School News' tab for updates). Where possible we seek to field mulitple teams but we select primariliy on merit. There are a number of opportunites through the year for children of all ages and abilities to represent the school such as beach volleyball (Y6), aquathon (KS2) and cross country (KS2); there are also a number of whole cohort events for children including those in KS1.  We have also established a 'house system' and run inter-house competitions through the year.

Primary PE and School Sport Provision

The PE funding comes from three government departments: Department for Education, Department for Health, and Department for Culture, Media and Sport.


Our provision is divided into 3 key areas with the ensuing aims:

  • Provision of high quality physical education: To ensure all teaching is at least 'Good'. To ensure assessment is used effectively to enable all children to progress. To ensure the school promotes PE provision and access for all.

  • Personal Health and Wellbeing: To ensure all children have a sound understanding of healthy diet and the essential need to be active every day.To ensure vulnerable children are supported to succeed if at risk of obesity/other eating disorders/have movement issues (the funding supports the provision of 'Fun Fit' and additional swimming for non-swimmers).

  • Promotion of Competitive Sport: To ensure all children have planned opportunities to experience the thrill of being part of a school sports team/represent the school in some sporting capacity.

Caen sports participation (both in and out of school) Braunton is a very active village and children here take part in school and out of school active clubs including athletics, swimming, rugby, football, gymnastics, surfing, surf lifesaving and horseriding among many others. We have surveyed the children below are their percentages:

Y1: 84%                          Y2: 78%                     Y3:68%                          Y4:85%

Y6: 85%                          Y6: 89%

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