Welcome to our school website. Please browse freely, using the links to the left, to see all the exciting things we get up to here at Caen Community Primary School. We are very proud of our school and children, and our recent OFSTED inspection confirms our many strengths.


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Well done to all of our children!

School Results Summer 2014

 * Better than last year


74% of children made a good level of development


85% of children passed the national Phonics Test *

KS1 (end of Y2)

                           Age expected and above               Above age expected

Maths                                   86%                                            34% *

Reading                                87%  *                                        33%

Writing                                 85%  *                                        16%

KS2 (end of Y6)

                     Age expected and above               Above age expected (Level 5)          Above+ (Level 6)

Maths                        95% *                                          55%                                         14% *

Reading                     98%  *                                         78% *

Writing                      91% *                                          44% *                                        7% *

Spelling and Grammar 90%                                            62%                                            7%


Reminder for the new term


  • Scooters and bikes enter and leave via the back gate only, for safety reasons.
  • Only school aged children may bring a scooter or bike on to the school site, for safety reasons.
  • 8.30am daily Wake Up and Shake Up on the front playground, for a healthy start each day.
  • School starts prompt at 8.45am and finishes at 3.15pm. Lessons go on until 3.15pm so please wait by the hall, if early. We will have a café soon for you thanks to Mrs. Ebbage. Let her know if you can help.
  • To support healthy eating, we have a policy for packed lunches and do not allow junk foods to be eaten at school. Please ask for a copy of the policy if required.


We’ve had a really excellent start to the new term and there is a great atmosphere of friendship and learning all around.


Thank you for your support of the school.

Mrs. Crutchfield

Head teacher